5 Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks You Should Consider

In a perfect world, making each square footage count so you don’t feel claustraphobic won’t be a thing, but we live in the real world. And in it, every space you can save in the bathroom counts. We also live in a mostly capitalist world, so with a little creativity and research, you can transform your cramped bathroom to a more “pleasurable retreat” without sacrificing practical value.

Here are 5 wall mounted bathroom sinks that’ll free up some floor space. Bonus points for their glossy finish and ease of installation.

#1. Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount, Rectangular Corner Sink

Designed to bolt right into a solid wall (preferably on the right side, unless you get some brackets), this super small rectangular sink works well for small bathrooms and is ideal for those looking to depart from the traditional oval shaped sink. It measures 18.1″L * 10″W * 5″H and comes with standard drain kits and a chrome faucet combo.

#2. Aweson Small Corner Wall Mount Sink

Absolutely redefines what a small corner sink is. This tiny “pizza slice” shaped sink comes with centerset faucet holes, so it won’t matter which side of the bathroom you’ll prefer – left or right. Because this sink is relegated to the corner, you get to free up not only floor space, but bathroom center space as well, making the room look less cramped.

It’s made of white vitreous china, meaning it’s ridiculously easy to clean. It’s also quite cheap – even for a small sink – but you’ll have to buy the accessories yourself, which isn’t a big deal if you’ve bought fully kitted sinks that had compartibility issues with the accessories provided.

#3. American Standard Wall Mount Lavatory Sink

This “D” shaped bowl comes with a self draining deck area that has a contoured back and some side splash shields to make cleaning a breeze. It’s built for durability and the lavatory is spacious enough to use a mini storage area. Installation’s pretty straight forward, but ensure you have sufficient reinforcements if you have dry walls in your bathroom. This was made in the US, so measurements are designed to fit US plumbing standards.

#4. Renovators Supply 20″ Mount Sink

Okay this is a pretty spacious sink, but if you’re on the big side of “small bathrooms” spectrum, you’ll appreciate it. Like all Renovators’ products, this wall mount sink has been polished with a Reno-gloss finish to protect it from scratches, wear and tear. The spaciousness of the sink is a plus, as it can be used for storage, which is useful if you don’t plan on installing any bathroom cabinets.

#5. Walcut Corner Wall Mount Bowl Sink

This has a slightly unorthodox shape – what with the round basin fitting into a square-ish “peg”. It’s contemporary design is ideal for those looking to depart from traditional bowl sinks, but still looking to maximize their bathroom space. The sink comes with a pop-up drain, 9″ faucet, inlet hoses for hot and cold water, and a P-trap, so you don’t have to do any after market shopping if the sizes fit your home’s plumbing structure.

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