How to feel refreshed during hot weather

With each passing year, summers seem to be getting hotter and hotter. Sometimes the unbearably high temperature can make us feel and look less than perfect. The increased body heat results in sweat and can be the cause of dehydration. Instantly clammy skin doesn’t exactly invite us to play outside but a lot of people feel it would be a shame to let the summer go by without getting the most out of it. So what can we do to be more comfortable when outside in hot weather?

Take necessary precautions

Firstly, do what you can to prepare yourself before going outside. Use sunscreen on each body part that is going to be exposed to the sun. Don’t forget about your face because it is more prone to sun damage than the rest of your body due to how thin the skin in that area is. Nowadays there are many spray sunscreens available that can be applied even over makeup. Many BB creams, especially the original ones from Asia, come with SPF protection included. Getting sunburnt can effectively ruin your enjoyment of summer weather. Wearing a hat and a long-sleeved shirt made from thin material is also a good idea to even increase your sun protection.

Drink water to stay hydrated. Never go out without a drink bottle with you. Dehydration is very dangerous and can have many negative effects on the body, from headaches to loss of consciousness. Passing out in the heat is dangerous and can even be fatal if not treated immediately so never forget about drinking liquids even if you have to force yourself. This should be remembered by everyone but even more so by children and the elderly because heat strokes are very serious conditions.

Lastly, don’t risk it if you don’t have to. If the weather forecast says that today’s temperatures are record high maybe don’t leave the house if there is no such necessity. No fun activity is worth risking your health.

Use body sprays

Body sprays and body mists are a great product to help you feel and look refreshed when outside during a hot summer. These items are fragrance perfume-like products but much more lightweight. They are kind of similar to aerosol deodorants but are intended for use over the whole body. You can keep one with you at all times and spray it whenever you start to feel clammy. They won’t keep you from sweating but will stop any bad smells.

Many brands offer body spray products and their sales usually surge in the summer. One such brand is Dove, a maker known for its quality skincare products. They have two kinds of what they call Body Lotion Sprays from the line Nourishing Secrets, Coconut and Avocado Oil. Both can be used by all skin types and promise a long-lasting feeling of freshness. The Dove Body Spray uses a fast-absorbing formula that also has moisturizing abilities. It can be sprayed on at any time and then you just pat it into your skin with your fingers. Choose the Dove Body Spray for not only the refreshment but also for more supple skin.

5 Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks You Should Consider

In a perfect world, making each square footage count so you don’t feel claustraphobic won’t be a thing, but we live in the real world. And in it, every space you can save in the bathroom counts. We also live in a mostly capitalist world, so with a little creativity and research, you can transform your cramped bathroom to a more “pleasurable retreat” without sacrificing practical value.

Here are 5 wall mounted bathroom sinks that’ll free up some floor space. Bonus points for their glossy finish and ease of installation.

#1. Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount, Rectangular Corner Sink

Designed to bolt right into a solid wall (preferably on the right side, unless you get some brackets), this super small rectangular sink works well for small bathrooms and is ideal for those looking to depart from the traditional oval shaped sink. It measures 18.1″L * 10″W * 5″H and comes with standard drain kits and a chrome faucet combo.

#2. Aweson Small Corner Wall Mount Sink

Absolutely redefines what a small corner sink is. This tiny “pizza slice” shaped sink comes with centerset faucet holes, so it won’t matter which side of the bathroom you’ll prefer – left or right. Because this sink is relegated to the corner, you get to free up not only floor space, but bathroom center space as well, making the room look less cramped.

It’s made of white vitreous china, meaning it’s ridiculously easy to clean. It’s also quite cheap – even for a small sink – but you’ll have to buy the accessories yourself, which isn’t a big deal if you’ve bought fully kitted sinks that had compartibility issues with the accessories provided.

#3. American Standard Wall Mount Lavatory Sink

This “D” shaped bowl comes with a self draining deck area that has a contoured back and some side splash shields to make cleaning a breeze. It’s built for durability and the lavatory is spacious enough to use a mini storage area. Installation’s pretty straight forward, but ensure you have sufficient reinforcements if you have dry walls in your bathroom. This was made in the US, so measurements are designed to fit US plumbing standards.

#4. Renovators Supply 20″ Mount Sink

Okay this is a pretty spacious sink, but if you’re on the big side of “small bathrooms” spectrum, you’ll appreciate it. Like all Renovators’ products, this wall mount sink has been polished with a Reno-gloss finish to protect it from scratches, wear and tear. The spaciousness of the sink is a plus, as it can be used for storage, which is useful if you don’t plan on installing any bathroom cabinets.

#5. Walcut Corner Wall Mount Bowl Sink

This has a slightly unorthodox shape – what with the round basin fitting into a square-ish “peg”. It’s contemporary design is ideal for those looking to depart from traditional bowl sinks, but still looking to maximize their bathroom space. The sink comes with a pop-up drain, 9″ faucet, inlet hoses for hot and cold water, and a P-trap, so you don’t have to do any after market shopping if the sizes fit your home’s plumbing structure.

For more bathroom related products, we highly recommend Bathroom Heaven.

Honeywell MM14CHCS Portable Air Conditioner, Silver/Black

Unobtrusively cool or warmth the air with the smooth Honeywell MM14CHCS is one of the smallest portable air conditioner on the market which also features a Heater which cools as well as warms and dehumidifies the air. With a 14,000 BTU cooling limit and a 12,000 BTU warming limit the unit conveys ideal cooling to spaces up to 550 Square feet* and warming up to 400 Square feet. In contrast to a settled AC, this unit requires no perpetual establishment and four caster wheels give simple versatility between territories.

The electronic control board is easy to use and every one of the capacities can be worked by the remote control. The Auto-Evaporation System takes into account long periods of ceaseless task with no water plate to deplete. This model accompanies everything expected to move including a simple to-introduce window venting unit. The window vent can be evacuated when the unit isn’t being used.

This convenient cooling and warming unit accompanies a 5 – year constrained guarantee, which gives free parts and work one year from buy date, 5 years on all parts of the fixed framework comprising of the blower, evaporator, condenser and manufacturing plant associated refrigerant tubing.


  • Cools up to 550 Square feet with 14,000 BTU cooling limit.
  • Warming up to 400 Square Feet, with 12,000 BTU worked in warmth pump.
  • 4-in-1 capacities: cooling, warming, fan and dehumidification.
  • Worked in dehumidifier, evacuate up to 95 pints/24hours.
  • Quill contact LED controls.
  • Most recent no-trickle innovation utilizing an auto-dissipation framework.
  • Earth agreeable R410A refrigerant.
  • 24 hr. vitality sparing programmable clock.
  • Movable temperature from 61 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for cooling and 61 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit for warming.
  • Great wind stream 265 CFM (7.5 CMM).
  • Single 3.94 ft hose.
  • Window section movable from 19.9 to 47.25 inches.
  • Least Noise level of 54 dBA.

Incorporated into the container:

  • 1 Honeywell MM14CHCS convenient forced air system and warmer
  • Establishment frill
  • Guidance manual
  • Remote control.

Calm Operation

Honeywell Portable AC’s double engine innovation implies bring down clamor levels. At the most noteworthy speed setting, the Classic Series Portable ACs create between 51 to 54 decibels (contingent upon the model BTU). That is about the sound level of a normal discussion between two individuals in a calm room!

Set It and Forget It

Appreciate straightforward and exact room atmosphere control with the Honeywell Portable AC Smart Digital Thermostat framework. Clear computerized controls and a full capacity remote control with advanced presentation rolls out it simple to improvement settings from over the room.

Forward looking, Feather-Touch Control Panel and Display

Appreciate the comfort of the front board controls and show that are one of a kind to the Honeywell Classic Series Portable Air Conditioners. Effectively see present and wanted indoor regulator settings from over the room. The lit control board with plume contact controls includes that additional dash of polish combined with the sparkly smooth body of this arrangement.

Simple to Maintain, Easy to Store

The Self-Evaporation framework implies bucketless activity. In higher moistness rooms, the unit is outfitted with double seepage alternatives offering you adaptability. A constant deplete framework can be set up in minutes when utilized as a Dehumidifier. Toward the finish of the season, essentially roll the AC into a storage space until next time!

How To Cook Salsa

You love to cook salsa; your family loves what you cook. But lately kids have been nagging about eating out. You are still cooking the same things, still as well, but the interest has been going down. You are even finding it monotonous. So what can you do to break this cycle of boredom? Here are some tips which will take care of it:

Introduce Anarchy

Break your rules of cooking. Make a Mexican dish for a change. Bring out the cook-books and pick out an exotic looking recipe. Nothing cultivates more interest than something which breaks your usual norms of cooking. When you cook something new and different, it will not only be a new and exciting chance for you to experiment, but it will also break the spell of regularity and give your family something new, different and tasty. Every once in a while change your cooking patterns. Do not stick to one for a long time. This gives variety to your cooking, which others will envy and your family will appreciate. Experimentation always comes with the risk of going wrong, but if it clicks, it works out beautifully.

Connecting Through Food

Cooking a meal of salsa does not mean you are limited to your kitchen. Take out some task like chopping up vegetables, or peeling sprouts into the living room. Better still, get your kids in the kitchen and have fun. While you need to be very careful with kids in the kitchen, if you delegate some easy tasks to your children, it will not only keep them occupied but also help you connect with them better. If you want to have some fun, let your child invent his recipe. Children enjoy doing anything creative, and with you to look over, if you cook up something that is tasty, no one feels as proud and happy as your little head chef. If you let everyone know how much your child helps you come up with the evening meal at the dining table, it is truly one of the happiest moments you will notice in your child’s life and consequently your own life.

Kitchen Loving Spouse

A great way to spend time with your spouse is to get them to help out with the cooking when they are free. True, they love the sitcom or the ball game on the TV, but once in a while, such free moments can be stolen to make them memorable for your benefit. He may not be a great cook, and possibly even a hindrance in your cooking faster, but those moments of confusion when you burst out laughing over his attempts to break an egg, are too beautiful to keep out. Cooking with your partner makes both of you feel a sense of harmony and belonging to each other. Doing chores like cleaning up dishes for your kitchen queen, can mean so much to her. She would never ask for it, even say no, but in her heart, she would be enjoying every moment with you.

Cooking salsa for a family is one of the best things for some women. When it gives them a chance to bond deeply with their loved ones, it gets better.